Genetics related questions

Q. I'm researching a genetic disorder for personal interest. What can you tell me about it?

A. The Genetic Science Learning Center is an education program. We do not work with medical or clinical issues arising from the diagnosis of a genetic disease, nor do we treat patients.

Your questions can probably best be answered by a genetic counselor, as they are health professionals who are trained to help families understand genetic disorders and to provide information and support to those families. See information about locating a genetic counselor.

Q. I read an article or saw a news story on TV about genetics and I have questions.

A. We don't have the staff to answer these types of questions. You can go to http://www.google.com or your local library and do a search on the topic.

Learning Center questions

Q. I would like to use some of your materials for a project I'm working on. Can I do this?

A. Please see our permissions policy for complete details. But basically, you are free to use our materials for non-commercial educational purposes.

Q. I am a student and I need to interview a scientist for a class project.

We are unable to provide this service at our facility. However if you go to The Human Genome Project and American Society of Human Genetics Mentorship Program, and click on your state you can find a list of volunteer mentor scientists who you can contact.

Technical/website questions

Q. Your site doesn't look right in my web broswer. What should I do?

Our site complies with the current standards of the W3C. Only the more recent web browsers fully support these standards. Very old browsers such as Internet Explorer 6 are incompatible with our site. Here is a list of suggested browsers (follow the links to download a copy for free):

At a minimum, you should at least have Firefox 16.0 or later, Safari 5.0 or later, or Internet Explorer 9.0 or later.

Q. How can I print out the pages on your website?

You should set your printer for "Landscape" mode. This setting varies from printer to printer. In Microsoft Windows it is usually located by clicking the "Preferences" button on the print panel.

Q. I'm having trouble viewing the animation on your website. What can I do?

You'll need the latest Adobe Flash Player to view the interactive and animated activities. (You probably already have the Flash player, but it may not be the latest version.) You can download it here.

Q. How can I view the files on your site that are marked "PDF"?

You'll need Adobe Reader to view "PDF" files. You can get a free copy here.


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