Welcome to our new site.

Welcome to our new site.

"I loved Learn.Genetics the way it was. Why did you go and change things?"

Sometimes change is difficult, but necessary.

Why did we update the site?

First of all, we've added lots of new content.

You'll find a reorganized Genetics section with a number of new items. All the new stuff turned out to be way too much for the old sections to be useable. So we broke things down into more specific sections which make things a little easier to locate. We've also added lots of new content to address concepts that were missing before. For example, things like misconceptions and reproduction, all in iPad friendly versions. You'll find lots of new content tucked around here and there.

We've added entire new sections. For instance, be sure to check out the new Human Microbiome section!

You'll also see that some of our older content has been given new life with updated information. A lot has happend in the worlds of cloning and stem cells over the last 10 years.

The new website is built on a new, modern server platform. The back-end of our site has been completely rewritten from scratch. This will allow us to add new content more easily, and support some innovative new ideas we have. You'll see an entirely new Tour of the Basics release this summer that we're really excited about.

Make sure you're using a modern browser.

In order to support the latest technologies, Learn.Genetics has to support modern web standards. To do this, we had to drop support for old, out-dated browsers. Our site complies with the current HTML5 standards of the W3C. Only the more recent web browsers fully support these standards. Older browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 are incompatible with our site. Here is a list of suggested browsers (follow the links to download a copy for free):

At a minimum, you should at least have Firefox 20.0 or later, Safari 5.0 or later, Chrome 30.0 or later, or Internet Explorer 10.0 or later.

There will be a few growing pains over the next few months as we work through tweaking the new site. Please bear with us, and feel free to let us know what you're thinking or any suggestions you have. Just use the feedback link that's on the bottom of every page.


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