Amazing Cells is the product of a collaboration between the Genetic Science Learning Center staff and a group of outstanding educators who were hand-selected from hundreds of qualified applicants to participate in the 2006 Cell Biology Master Teacher Summer Institute.

Teacher Participants

Teacher Participants
Mary BucklewSaratoga Springs, UT
Nikki BurnettGardner, KS
Julie ChiangRowland Heights, CA
Thomas ConleyQuincy, IL
Christian DaviesSandy, UT
Carla EasterBethesda, MD
Barbara EganBeavercreek, OH
Kerry GiesenJordan, MN
Jammy HemphillJackson, MS
Dori HessFayetteville, NC
Mary HoelscherMinneapolis, MN
Chris KukaBend, OR
Mary LindowBattle Creek, MI
Barbara Maguire-SlossWashington, DC
Nada MarusicCoon Rapids, MN
Jonathan TuttleSalt Lake City, UT
Sandy WardellHelena, MT

GSLC Staff

Pete Anderson
Sheila Avery
Connie Barth
Dina Drits
Molly Malone
April Mitchell

Brendan Nicholson
Kevin Pompei
Louisa Stark, Ph.D.
Harmony Starr
Mathew Weaver

Special Acknowledgements

We would like to thank the speakers at our 2006 Cell Biology Master Teacher Summer Institute:

Dr. Glenn D. Prestwich
Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Utah

Dr. Wesley I. Sundquist
Professor, Department of Biochemistry
University of Utah

Dr. Brian J. Avery
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Westminster College

Voice Talent

Neil Ross-Inside a Cell, The Flight or Fight Response, Dropping Signals

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