Cells was produced by the Genetic Science Learning Center (GSLC) in collaboration with advisors, experts, and teachers from across the United States.

This work was created in two phases. The first phase, published in 2008, was supported by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA), from The National Institute of Health; Grant Number R25RR023288.

The second phase, published in 2020, was funded by a SEPA grant from the National Institutes of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health; Grant Number 1R25GM021903. This work included a new set of materials for middle school, as well as updates to the 2008 materials.


Thank you to the teachers who provided advice and in-class testing for the 2020 materials:

Advisory Board

Kimberly Dean, Nibley Park School, Salt Lake City, UT
Judith Neugebauer, Northwest Middle School, Salt Lake City, UT
Julie Leri, Hunter Jr. High, West Valley City, UT
Irina Gushin, Clayton Middle School, Salt Lake City, UT
Deb Smith, West Lake Stem Jr. High, West Valley City, UT
Joanne Brown, Olympus Jr. High, Salt Lake City, UT


Becky Curtis, Lakeview Academy, Saratoga Springs, UT

The following teachers participated in the 2006 Cell Biology Master Teacher Summer Institute, during which they drafted the initial ideas that inspired the materials. These outstanding educators were hand-selected from hundreds of qualified applicants.

Mary Bucklew, Saratoga Springs, UT
Nikki Burnett, Gardner, KS
Julie Chiang, Rowland Heights, CA
Thomas Conley, Quincy, IL
Christian Davies, Sandy, UT
Carla Easter, Bethesda, MD
Barbara Egan, Beavercreek, OH
Kerry Giesen, Jordan, MN
Jammy Hemphill, Jackson, MS
Dori Hess, Fayetteville, NC
Mary Hoelscher, Minneapolis, MN
Chris Kuka, Bend, OR
Mary Lindow, Battle Creek, MI
Barbara Maguire-Sloss, Washington, DC
Nada Marusic, Coon Rapids, MN
Jonathan Tuttle, Salt Lake City, UT
Sandy Wardell, Helena, MT

Teacher Participants


We would like to thank the speakers from our 2006 Cell Biology Master Teacher Summer Institute:

Dr. Glenn D. Prestwich
Professor, Department of Medicinal Chemistry
University of Utah

Dr. Wesley I. Sundquist
Professor, Department of Biochemistry
University of Utah

Dr. Brian J. Avery
Assistant Professor, Department of Biology
Westminster College

GSLC Staff

The GSLC team brings diverse expertise in curriculum and assessment development, instructional design, science education, science writing, creative multimedia production, visual design, animation, computer programming, music composition, videography, web development, and life science and education research. The following team members contributed to this project.

2020 Materials:

Kaile Akina
Pete Anderson
Kagan Breitenbach
Jonathan Conger
Dina Drits
Kristin Fenker
Jason Harris
Jonny Holmgren
Sheila Homburger
Max Kelly
Ann Lambert
Molly Malone
Ryan Perkins
Julia Peterson
Kevin Pompei
Louisa Stark
Jen Taylor
Brooklee Watters

2008 Materials:

Pete Anderson
Connie Barth
Dina Drits
Sheila Homburger
Molly Malone
April Mitchell
Brendan Nicholson
Kevin Pompei
Lousia Stark
Harmony Starr
Mathew Weaver

Other Contributors

Voice Talent

Neil Ross — The Flight or Fight Response, Dropping Signals, Inside a Cell (2008 Flash Version)

Finley Smith — Inside a Cell (2020 Version)

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