Genes, Traits & Change over Time was produced by the Genetic Science Learning Center (GSLC) in collaboration with middle school teachers from across the US. The unit went through multiple rounds of development, revision, and refinement. These were informed by teacher feedback and student assessment measures.

This work was supported by an award from the National Science Foundation, grant #1814194.


Teachers participating in the Curriculum Refinement Institute

The following teachers participated in a Curriculum Refinement Institute during the summer of 2021. Those marked with an asterisk (*) also completed a pilot test of the materials with their students during the 2021/2022 school year. Their feedback was vital for improving the curriculum.

†We would like to extend a special thank you to these teachers, who invited GSLC staff into their classrooms to observe lesson enactment.

Robin Crocker*
Rockport Middle School
Rockport, MA

Marc Ryan Ellis*†
Montgomery Blair High School
Silver Springs, MD

Jessica Falk
The Learning Center
Lexington, KY

Irina Gushin
Clayton Middle School
Salt Lake City, UT

Anna Heath*
Thomas Jefferson Junior High
Kerns, UT

Daniel Heath*
Keene Middle School
Keene, NH

Alberta Heydorn
Dr. Daniel Bright
Cornville, AZ

Kevin Jacoves*†
Thompson Middle School
Middletown, NJ

Stephanie Kearney
Penn Alexander School
Philadelphia, PA

Mary Keymel*
Avon Central School
Avon, NY

Theresa Kuchar
MS 51 William Alexander
Brooklyn, NY

Kelsey Kuehn
Eisenhower Junior High
Taylorsville, UT

Donna Martin*
Watts Public School
Watts, OK

Clintonia McNeal
Robert A. Black Magnet School
Chicago, IL

Sharon Moore*†
Glendale Middle School
Salt Lake City, UT

Marianna O'Brien*
Lincoln Middle School
Santa Monica, CA

David Meek
The Police OFficer Rocco Laurie Intermediate School 72
Staten Island, NY

Kathleen Moser
Bennion Junior High
Taylorsville, UT

JanaLee Moses*
Valley Junior High
West Valley, UT

Tara Oshinski*
Highland Middle School
Libertyville, IL

Kerry Pearson*
Bennion Junior High
Taylorsville, UT

Chindanout Sayasith
Kennedy Junior High
West Valley, UT

Dan Scroggins*
Lake City Community School
Lake City, CO

Sharon Spadaro*
Trinity Middle School
Washington, PA

Kelsey Staber*
Community School of Naples
Naples, FL

Jenny Thomas
Sutter Middle School
Sacramento, CA

Regan Tieff*†
Hunter Junior High
West Valley, UT

The following teachers participated in research studies during 2022/23 school year:

Enrique Arce-Larreta
West High
Salt Lake City, UT

Kimberly Archuleta
Eureka Country High School
Eureka, NV

Rodney Bade
Maryville Middle School
Maryville, MO

Art Borja
Bayer School
Glendale, AZ

Ian Carroll
Vista Heights Middle School
Saratoga Springs, UT

Nicole Dainty
St Anthony de Padua School
South Bend, IN

Valorie Draper
Manila Jr/Sr High School
Manila, UT

Kelsey Foster
Maple Grove Middle School
Mapleton, UT

Debbie Gilliland
Worthington Christian School
Westerville, OH

Jan Hermansen
South Summit Middle School
Kamas, UT

Amy Hunt
Washington Fields Intermediate
Washington, UT

Jessica Jones
Washington Fields Intermediate
Washington, UT

Heidi Lauger
St. Peter's Roman Catholic School
Lewiston, NY

Kristin Mansell
Washington Fields Intermediate
Washington, UT

Mary McKeon
Wickliffe Middle School
Wickliffe, OH

Karen Metcalf
Cornersone Learning Community
Tallahassee, FL

Rebecca Nichols
Syracuse Arts Academy
Syracuse, UT

Don Stanhope
Biddeford Middle School
Biddeford, ME

Kristen Starkey
Central Davis Jr High
Layton, UT

Stephanie Stewart
Central Davis Jr High
Layton, UT

Kate Stoker
Bear River Charter
Logan, UT

GSLC Staff

The GSLC team combines diverse expertise in curriculum and assessment development, instructional design, science education, education research, science writing, creative multimedia production, visual design, animation, computer programming, music composition, videography, web development, and life science and education research. The following team members contributed to this project:

Kaile Akina-Schiess
Pete Anderson
Kagan Breitenbach
Rochelle Cassells
Jonathan Conger
Dina Drits-Esser
Kristin Fenker
Jason Harris
Nathan Holland
Jonny Holmgren
Sheila Homburger
Max Kelly
Harini Krishnan

Ann Lambert
Molly Malone
Steve Ortiz
Ryan Perkins
Julia Peterson
Kevin Pompei
Louisa A. Stark
Mo Starr
Jen Taylor
Arthur Veenema

Other Contributors

Kendra Hoffman — Voice-over for How Traits Are Made, Ways Proteins Make You, and How Natural Selection Works

John Cottrell — Voice-over for Reporduction & Variation

Margit Onufer — Voice-over for Genetic Survivor

Special Thanks

Kristin Bass, Director of Research Development, Rockman et al Cooperative Inc. for serving as our external evaluator on this project

Steve Taylor, Abbey Ash, and the team at Wahoo Studios Inc. for their work on Mutt Mixer

Cecile Avery, PhD candidate in the Human Genetics department at The University of Utah, for hosting the How Traits Are Made and How Genes Are Inherited videos

Becky Curtis at Lakeview Academy in Saratoga Springs, UT for pilot testing the assessment items in her classroom

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