The Cotton and contig-building materials are the product of a collaboration between the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah and Joshua Udall at Brigham Young University.

Funding was provided by the National Science Foundation Plant Genome Research Program, Award #1339412: Structural Variation of Diploid and Polyploid Plant Genomes. These materials were developed as part of Dr. Udall's Broader Impacts.


Joshua Udall, PhD
Associate Professor of Plant & Wildlife Sciences
Brigham Young University

Lindsay Chaney, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Brigham Young University

The Genetic Science Learning Center is grateful for contributions and feedback from the following teachers, who participated in a 5-week Research Experience for Teachers program in the Udall lab:

Josh Stowers
Matt Woolley
Irmarie Ramos
Kenyon Christen

A special thank you to the Jonathan Wendel, PhD, at Iowa State University for granting us permission to use some of his cotton images.

GSLC Staff

The following Genetic Science Learning Center staff contributed to this project:

Pete Anderson
Kagan Breitenbach
Amy Hawkins
Sheila Homburger
Ryan Perkins
Kevin Pompei
Louisa Stark
Mat Weaver