Model Earth was a collaborative project between The Genetic Science Learning Center at The University of Utah, a group of expert scientists, 11 high school teachers who participated in the 2013 CI-Water Summer Institute, and 6 middle and high school teachers, 8 high school students and 8 undergraduate students who participated in the 2013 iUtah Summer Research Institute.

Students and Teachers

Students and teachers learning to take stream measurements in the 2013 iUtah Summer Research Institute

Contributors from the 2013 CI-Water Teacher Summer Institute

Teacher Participants:
Jim Zlomke Cheyenne WY
Colleen Collins-Burridge Casper WY
Chris MacMurdo Hyrum UT
Dewaye Tillman Laramie WY
Jennifer Hammock Riverton WY
George Vlastos Casper WY
Nick Kiriazis Logan UT
Bonnie Bourgeous Layton UT
Greg Smith Grantsville UT
Cameron Dixon Kaysville UT
Heather Gooch Sandy UT
Courtenay Strong

Courtenay Strong giving his talk, Understanding and Using Climate Models for Teaching

Scientist Collaborators:
Jeff Niermeyer, PE
Salt Lake City Public Utilities
Steven Burian, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Utah
Erfan Goharian
Graduate Research Assistant
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Utah
Fred Ogden, Ph.D.
Professor of Engineering
College of Engineering and Applied Science
University of Wyoming
Norman Jones, Ph.D.
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Brigham Young University
Courtenay Strong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Atmospheric Sciences
University of Utah

Contributors from the 2013 iUTAH Teacher Summer Institute

Teacher Participants:
Heather Gooch, Jordan High School
Darlene Vincent, Thomas Edison Charter School-South
Candace Penrod, Hillside Middle School
Julie Gowans, Payson High School
Aaron Daniels, Murray High School
Brian Mangum, Timpview High School
Undergraduate Student Participants:
Joel Manwaring, Utah Valley University
Lauren Rowell, Salt Lake Community College
Jeffery Josephson, Weber State University
Brianna Cencak, Westminster College
Haley Wilkins, ​Utah Valley University
Brian Bird, Utah Valley University​
Brandon Davies, Utah Valley University
Alexis Smithson, Utah Valley University
Research Project Coordinators:
all from University of Utah
Thomas Walsh
Allison Chan
Carolyn Stwertka
Philip Stoker
Megan Walsh
Zach Magdol
Christine A. Pomeroy, Ph.D., P.E.
Civil And Environmental Engineering
University of Utah
Research Project Volunteers:
Tiffany Kinder, Utah State University
Joe Kotynek, Utah State University
Kit Wheeler, Utah State University
Anne Armstrong, Utah State University
Erin Jones, BYU
Classroom setting

Classroom setting

Special Acknowledgments

Hulet Dam

Steve Hulet giving a tour at the Flaming Gorge Dam

Heather Patno, Hydraulic Engineer with the Bureau of Reclamation, who granted us video interviews and helped us arrange the filming at Flaming Gorge Dam.

Steve Barfuss, Research Associate Professor at Utah State University, for allowing us to film the extraordinary physical water models at the USU Hydraulics Modeling Laboratory.

Steve Hulet, manager for the Flaming Gorge Field Division at the Bureau of Reclamation, for giving us a tour of the Flaming Gorge dam and allowing us to film there.

Benjamin Starr, PE, Managing Engineer with Integral Consulting Inc., who acted as general water science advisor throughout the curriculum development process.

GSLC Staff

GSLC staff who contributed to this project.
Peter Anderson
Nicola Barber
Kagan Breitenbach
Sheila Homburger
Molly Malone
Brendan Nicholson
Ryan Perkins
Kevin Pompei
Steve Reest
Louisa Stark
Harmony Starr
Mathew Weaver
Kagan Audio

Kagan Breitenbach recording audio at the Utah State University Hydraulics Modeling Laboratory

Other Contributors


Joseph Zieja
Why We Need Models, Define a System

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