Flowering Plants & Their Pollinators Credits

The "Flowering Plants and Their Pollinators" materials are the product of a collaboration between the Genetic Science Learning Center at the University of Utah and the laboratory of Dr. Yaowu Yuan at the University of Connecticut.

Funding for materials was provided by the National Science Foundation Award #1558083: Identification and Characterization of Transcription Factors Regulating Carotenoid Pigmentation During Mimulus Flower Development. These materials were developed as part of Dr. Yuan's Broader Impacts.

bee on flower


Yaowu Yuan, Ph.D
Assistant Professor
University of Connecticut

GSLC Staff

The following Genetic Science Learning Center Staff contributed to this project:

Pete Anderson
Kagan Breitenbach
Jonathan Conger
Dina Drits-Esser
Kristin Fenker
Harmony Starr
Ryan Perkins
Julia Peterson
Kevin Pompei
Louisa Stark

Other Contributors

An Introducton to Flowers - Kendra Hoffman (voiceover)

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