Memory, Attention, and Distraction was a collaborative project between The Genetic Science Learning Center and select faculty from the Department of Psychology at the University of Utah, and a cohort of experienced, talented master teachers from around the US. This work was supported by a Science Education Partnership Award, sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. Award number R25OD011129.

Master Teachers

The following teachers participated in the "Multitasking, Attention & Memory: The Science of Learning" 2011 Summer Institute:

Christine CelestinoMaggie Chambers
Pam EgglestonKevin Engstrom
Georgia EverettSpencer Gatlin
Robb GotlundRob Gustke
Valecia KellyJanine Kube
Chris KukaDanielle Mink
Logan NewmanTerry Noeth
Callie PfisterSusan Poland
Eric ReghJohn Siefert
Donna Tantilla-ThomasJennifer Vaelin
Michelle WhittakerZsolt Zombor

Science Collaborators

The Genetic Science Learning Center would like to thank our science collaborators, who participated in lectures and discussions during the Summer Institute. A special thank you goes out to Jason Watson, who served as our Scientific Advisor for this project and provided valuable feedback as we developed our online materials.

Jason M. Watson, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
University of Colorado Denver
(Formerly at the University of Utah)

David Strayer, PhD
Cognition and Neural Science
Department of Psychology
University of Utah

Raymond Kesner, PhD
Professor Emeritus
Cognition and Neural Science
Department of Psychology
University of Utah

GSLC Staff

The following GSLC staff contributed to this project:

Peter AndersonNicola Barber
Kagan BreitenbachDina Drits-Esser
Amy J. HawkinsSheila Homburger
Sam KatzMax Kelly
Molly MaloneBrendan Nicholson
Ryan PerkinsKevin Pompei
Steve ReestLouisa Stark
Harmony StarrMathew Weaver

Other Contributors

The Seven Sins of Memory


Jill AdlerWhitney Palmer
Daisy PiedraDavid Bodtcher
Mikayla GoganDarien Willardson
Charla CochranDavid Nilson


Arthur VeenemaBrent Rowland
Stephane GlynnGraham Beckstead
Vanae MorrisAmanda Pompei


John ShinLeslie Richards
Lauren PoseyAlex Ewoniuk

Special Thanks

Vivian LeeJace King

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