A Culture of Collaboration

It takes a team effort not only to make genetic discoveries, but also to translate them into products and practices that can help patients. And the University of Utah has shown that it has the right people and the necessary assets to make this happen.

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Dr. Willard H. Dere

Willard H. Dere, M.D., leads the University of Utah's Program in Personalized Health.


The University of Utah has a diverse and highly collaborative research community. Key resources for research at the University of Utah include the following:


Hospitals & patient services

Through its own hospitals and collaborations with other organizations, the University of Utah offers care for patients across the spectrum of health care.



The University of Utah provides diagnostic services not only for its own hospitals, but also for healthcare providers across the country.


Technology and informatics

Key technology and informatics resources include the following:


Interdisciplinary centers and programs

A number of centers and programs at the University of Utah bring experts together from multiple disciplines with the common goal of being able to better serve patients:


Professional training

Several programs have been designed to train health and research professionals in topics that relate to precision medicine:


Experts on Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues (ELSI)

Precision medicine brings great promise, but it also raises new ethical, legal, and social issues. Many experts at the University of Utah are actively working to address these issues:


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