The apps and online content for Sensory Systems: The Neuroscience of our Senses are the product of a collaboraton between The Genetic Science Learning Center, a group of expert scientists, and a cohort of experienced, talented master teachers from several states.

This project was supported by the NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research and administered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse through Grant Number R25DA033031

Master teachers

The following teachers were selected from hundreds of qualified applicants. During the summer of 2012, they traveled Utah to participate in The Neuroscience of our Senses Summer Institute. Their creativity and expertise provided the inspiration for these materials.

Monica AlexanderMatthew Brown
Kate DehnelBarbara Denny
Jeremy EnsrudRick Ericksen
Tom EverettJoshua Farr
Spencer GatlinRobb Gotlund
Charles HoffmanBekah Jones
Tom KanthakKristen Kohli
Nicole KranzbergTheresa Kuchar
Stephen LeeMary Lindow
Danielle MinkFilomeno Munoz
Diane LeeAnna Potvin
Keri ShingletonRozeanne Steckler
Philip VinogradovPaige Walker
Michael WestElizabeth Woodman
Zsolt Zombor

Summer Institute Presenters

We would like to thank the scientists who presented talks for the 2012 The Neurosciences of our Senses summer institute.

Thomas E. Finger, PhD
Rocky Mountain Taste and Smell Center
Department of Cellular and Developmental Biology
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Belen Hurle, PhD
Division of Intramural Research
National Human Genome Research Institute
National Institutes of Health

Alan R. Light, PhD
Departments of Anesthesiology, and Neurobiology and Anatomy
University of Utah School of Medicine

Mary Lucero, PhD
Department of Physiology
University of Utah

Suzanne L. Mansour, PhD
Department of Human Genetics
University of Utah

Robert E. Marc, PhD
Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
John A. Moran Eye Center
University of Utah

Matt Wachowiak, PhD
Department of Neurobiology and Anatomy
University of Utah

GSLC Staff

The following Genetic Science Learning Center staff contributed to this project:

Peter AndersonKagan Breitenbach
Dina Drits-EsserSheila Homburger
Max KellyMolly Malone
April MitchellBrendan Nicholson
Ryan PerkinsKevin Pompei
Steve ReestLouisa Stark
Harmony StarrMathew Weaver

Other Contributors

Voice Talent

Kendra Hoffman (Touch, See)

Fred Keeler (Taste & Smell)

Developer for the See app

Denny Gudea

Elektron Software